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RAVNE PRESSES d.o.o. Manufacturer of high quality custom-made industrial hydraulic and mechanical presses for sheet metal forming with nominal force from 400 to 40.000 kN, with length of a table up to 8 meters.

Address: Koroška cesta 15, 2390 Ravne na Koroškem, Slovenia
T: +386 2 870 7859, F: +386 2 870 7858, E: info@ravnepresses.com

VAT ID: SI24628492, Registry number: 1875990000


Press SE4-2500 being installed in Kaluga

Transfer Presses The skills and know-how of RAVNE PRESSES experts, the innovations and solutions being evolved and implemented in mechanical and hydraulic presses for more than forty years, are perfectly brought into use and combined in excellent custom designed TRANSFER PRESSES, which are a superior products of RAVNE PRESSES.


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Ravne brand originates from 400 years of steel milling tradition. The presses production of mechanical and hydraulic presses for steel and sheet metal forming industry have been performed for more than 45 years. In this period, various mechanical and hydraulic presses and press line equipment were produced.

RAVNE PRESSES - Quick die change

RAVNE PRESSES - Quick die change

RAVNE PRESSES - Quick die change

SIMULTANEOUS QUICK DIE CHANGE – upgrade for presses without rolling bolster and side windows.

At RAVNE PRESSES our strong and innovative technical and designing team is often confronted with challenges of “how to boost production capacity of existing production line”. To achieve buyer’s expectations about productivity of upgraded line, designing team would have to come up with an idea that would later be developed in the real project, with expected results.

SIMULTANEOUS QUICK DIE CHANGE for press lines WITHOUT ROLLING BOLSTERS is A TANDEM LINE UPGRADE than makes FEW MINUTES DIE CHANGE – on several presses at a time – possible.

This upgrade includes design, production and installment of hydraulic, pneumatic and electrical systems, as also mechanical set of equipment: automated cart-wheels, push and pull units, automatic die-clamping system and some other mechanical parts. The upgrade, which is very good solution for “low runners” – producers of multiple but low part series production – would drastically increase productivity of production line, due to extremely shortened non productive time needed for die changing. The die change on the line after its upgrade can be automatic or semi-automatic. The die change of complete production line is actuated from one operators control spot – and is so executed by ONE OPERATOR. The upgrade can be designed and applied for any press and for different sizes of dies. The same equipment is suitable for different die sizes.

The installation of equipment during the project on existing lines is carried out without big interference of production process.
Quick die change
RAVNE PRESSES d.o.o. - Quick die change