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RAVNE PRESSES d.o.o. Manufacturer of high quality custom-made industrial hydraulic and mechanical presses for sheet metal forming with nominal force from 400 to 40.000 kN, with length of a table up to 8 meters.

Address: Koroška cesta 15, 2390 Ravne na Koroškem, Slovenia
T: +386 2 870 7859, F: +386 2 870 7858, E: info@ravnepresses.com

VAT ID: SI24628492, Registry number: 1875990000


Press SE4-2500 being installed in Kaluga

Transfer Presses The skills and know-how of RAVNE PRESSES experts, the innovations and solutions being evolved and implemented in mechanical and hydraulic presses for more than forty years, are perfectly brought into use and combined in excellent custom designed TRANSFER PRESSES, which are a superior products of RAVNE PRESSES.


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Ravne brand originates from 400 years of steel milling tradition. The presses production of mechanical and hydraulic presses for steel and sheet metal forming industry have been performed for more than 45 years. In this period, various mechanical and hydraulic presses and press line equipment were produced.

RAVNE PRESSES - General Press Rebuild , Press Rebuild , Presses Rebuild , Presses Upgrade

RAVNE PRESSES - General Press Rebuild , Press Rebuild , Presses Rebuild , Presses Upgrade

RAVNE PRESSES - General Press Rebuild , Press Rebuild , Presses Rebuild , Presses Upgrade

RAVNE PRESSES performs general press rebuild on any type of press. Press or press line of any producer can be rebuilt or upgraded with now-day’s technology.

The expectations of the client about future characteristics of the press being rebuilt are taken in consideration. RAVNE design department makes pre-calculations about press’s future performance possibilities. After determination and consent of possibilities and expectations of the buyer, the design department can start pre-measurements and rebuilding design. Press would then be rebuilt and performance bettered.

1. PRESS MECHANICS – Basic phase of press rebuilding is frame and other mechanical parts repair and reestablishment of press’s geometry. A press is disassembled. All the parts are taken out of frame and checked for defects. Mechanics checkup is performed visually and with usage of different instruments and devices. Smaller defects are repaired; parts with bigger defects are substituted with new. Press frame can be upgraded with tie-rods, bolster plate with T-slots milled or renewed, torsion connection parts would be changed with new, etc.

2. ELECTRONICS – Electronics is the most developing field of mechatronics. Electrical parts which were used more than 20 or 30 years ago are mostly out of production and hardly replaceable with new, especially to be compatible with the old electronic system/circuit/controllers. Many new solutions in electronics are now-days easy obtainable and cheap. New press controls require new electronic components, and new controls make better press performance possible. Our electronics design department can use any producers’ control device and includes electronic components of all well known producers.

3. HYDRAULICS & PNEUMATICS – Hydraulic cylinders can be main or supporting devices of the press. In any case RAVNE PRESSES has strong hydraulic and pneumatic department, which is included in the press repair, overhauling or when designing new press with hydraulic components. Hydraulics - at rebuilding an old press - can be partly renewed or newly designed, produced and installed.

4. LUBRICATION – New and renewed presses of RAVNE PRESSES have central lubrication system, which provides lubrication for all needed parts in the press. Closed lubrication systems are designed in our design department.

RAVNE PRESSES provides maintenance services and complete refurbishments for any producer’s presses or press lines.

Smaller refurbishments and/or maintenance procedures of used presses and press lines are performed by well experienced field team of RAVNE PRESSES mechanics and engineers.

General overhauling of used presses and press lines includes equipment uninstall, transport, refurbishment, modification and re-installation of presses or press line equipment anywhere in the world.

Modification, overhauling and refurbishment of old machinery is – due to increased productivity – always a better economical solution compared to installing “bought old/non-refurbished” equipment.
General press rebuild
RAVNE PRESSES d.o.o. - General Press Rebuild