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RAVNE PRESSES d.o.o. Manufacturer of high quality custom-made industrial hydraulic and mechanical presses for sheet metal forming with nominal force from 400 to 40.000 kN, with length of a table up to 8 meters.

Address: Koroška cesta 15, 2390 Ravne na Koroškem, Slovenia
T: +386 2 870 7859, F: +386 2 870 7858, E: info@ravnepresses.com

VAT ID: SI24628492, Registry number: 1875990000


Press SE4-2500 being installed in Kaluga

Transfer Presses The skills and know-how of RAVNE PRESSES experts, the innovations and solutions being evolved and implemented in mechanical and hydraulic presses for more than forty years, are perfectly brought into use and combined in excellent custom designed TRANSFER PRESSES, which are a superior products of RAVNE PRESSES.


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Ravne brand originates from 400 years of steel milling tradition. The presses production of mechanical and hydraulic presses for steel and sheet metal forming industry have been performed for more than 45 years. In this period, various mechanical and hydraulic presses and press line equipment were produced.

RAVNE PRESSES - Tandem Lines Presses

RAVNE PRESSES - Tandem Lines Presses

RAVNE PRESSES - Tandem Lines Presses

Tandem line is in short a lined up formation of single presses with single die.

Tandem production setup is ideal for producing larger and complicated sheet metal parts, which cannot be produced with technology of one-strike deformation. Each of the single presses with single die deforms and shapes the product being produced. Each of the sheet metal or single stamping tool that is installed in single press is the continuation of the one before. The part that is being produced is transferred from press to press (or from die to die) with robots, manipulators, larger transfers or with other logistic equipment.

Totally automated tandem production setup lowers production costs, due to its relatively fast, reliable and constant production process.

Standard tandem lines in automotive industry are so called G1, G2, G3 G4 lines. The term defines a five (or six) press line, with certain measurements of a table and a force of the presses. Lines are used for production of inner and outer body parts of automobiles.

First presses in the lines are either double action (DA) presses or a press with cushion draw – which mostly depends upon on the end user himself.

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Tandem lines presses
RAVNE PRESSES d.o.o. - Tandem lines presses